Visit the fabulous and fascinating friendly people – the Mkamba – in whose land we are privileged guests. They lead, and have always led, an extraordinary existence, intertwined with nature and all the beauties and difficulties that life in the wilderness, and the modern world present.

Tsavo Safari Camp is in the process of setting up a fund for the local community, principally aimed at raising the money to provide two of life’s necessities – water and education – which will transform the lives of the Mkamba community and furnish them with many more opportunities. Things that many people take for granted.

Our visits are not just to look at the local community and see how they live, though this is an interesting and educational cultural visit, but importantly to learn and see, in action, how our funds are needed and how they are being spent to improve the lives of these lovely people. Water and education are the first steps in what we at Tsavo Safari Camp hope is a lifelong commitment to working with, and for, the local community so that everyone – the community, the environment, the wildlife – can benefit together through each other. We have great visions for the future, and hope that once we have a permanent water supply and ongoing educational system in place, we can move into other areas of support, such as healthcare, infrastructure and other important programmes.